Theater Play: Casting “The Murder Ballad Musical,” featuring Brokeneck Girls. No singing required. A dark comedy based on the celebrated violence in folk music and the true crimes that inspired these songs. The social commentary delivers fast-paced, uproarious laughter while addressing issues of race, class, gender, violence and power. Revenge, redemption, free will and the conflict between good and evil unfold unexpectedly in a story focused on three women who bond over music and begin to share increasingly outrageous secrets. Eventually the truth comes out- that the desire to survive has driven all of them to become what they fear most. The score, performed by the folk noir band Brokeneck Girls, features songs of murder, mayhem and dirty deeds spiced up with juicy gossip and facts about the real people and events in the songs.Play runs Oct 26, 27, 30th as part of FRIGID New York’s Days of the Dead Festival. Hoping for an extended run! The music is performed by Brokeneck Girls, a popular NYC folk Noir band. Directed by Michael Hagins of C.A.G.E Theater Company, music direction by Eve Blackwater. Though this is a musical, actors do not need to sing, as music will be performed by the band. Casting 3 roles


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