Other Digital Media Multimedia (Other): Seeking a female rhythmic gymnast. Video will used on social media only. Script: In this film a woman in her kitchen makes her own coffee effortlessly with a pod.Production states: “We open on a woman who takes a pack of Coffee pods from a cupboard. She spins and loops around the kitchen before slotting a pod into her coffee machine.Super: Rhythmic pod press.Our woman glides around the kitchen again as the voice of a commentator narrates, What a performance from our Coffee Pod drinker. Such form, such grace She makes crafting a rich, smooth coffee look so simple.Her dance ends with her stretching her finger out and pressing the button on her as it goes towards the machines button.And what a finish.Our woman holds the cup of Coffee aloft.As she does flash bulbs flash, a crowd cheers, burgundy confetti falls. And thats a personal best. Delicious.” Casting 1 role


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