More Projects Workshops + Classes: Casting “5 Day Monologue Challenge,” a free online challenge for actors to help them stay creative during these uncertain times. Production states: “Whether you are brand new to acting or have had some success and are feeling a little stuck, join the challenge and boost your creativity.Participation perks:1. Five days of monologue ‘missions’ delivered straight to your inbox: think of each day of The Monologue Challenge kinda like a secret mission. You will receive a daily email with a genre for the monologue of the day or specific details that your performance needs to include. (This keeps everyone on their toes, and does not allow anyone to pre-record monologues beforehand!)2. Daily tips, tricks, and tutorials to boost your acting career and image.3. Bonus: Every single participant who completes all 5 days of The Monologue Challenge will be entered into a very special raffle. We will hold a drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a $25 AMC giftcard, challenge t-shirt, stickers and more.”By the end of this challenge, you’ll walk away with 5 brand new monologues to send to casting directors, put on your profiles, publish on your social media accounts and more! Hope to see you there!” Casting 1 role


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