Branded Content / Commercial Online Commercial / Video Ad: Seeking voiceover talent to assist in producing a product video for Ganance, a technology company that can turn any watch into a smartwatch.Production states: “Ganance is honing in on the idea of choice, and that smartwatch technology should not dictate your style or fashion decisions. They are catering primarily, but not exclusively, to a male audience. Their brand identity aims to be a sort of bespoke, semi-luxurious, individual-dominated aesthetic.We are seeking a Voiceover talent that would fit this general aesthetic. Something adult, smooth, and a bit serious in tone. The VO talent would be provided the script ahead of time and we’d be happy to do a live recording session with you over a digital meeting. We are in the latter stages of this production. All of the footage has been shot and edited together and can be provided as a reference if helpful. Ideally, the VO talent has their own recording equipment and we can direct them via a digital meeting in a recording session.” Casting 1 role


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