Film Student Film: Casting “In the Shade of Mr. Price,” a NYU Sight & Sound Studio project in a live-cutting studio.Coordinator states: “This is a great and unique set experience that NYU Film is known for! The production will take 4 hours, and rehearsals will be scheduled before hand.Colin, an underachieving young man who works as a dishwasher in a luxury hotel, seizes the opportunity to amass wealth by killing and assuming the identity of the elusive hotel owner, Mr. Oscar Price.However, Colin’s short prosperity is threatened when Mr. Price’s son, Harry, returns to resume his duty at the hotel. To maintain his newfound power and riches, Colin is prepared to resort to extreme measuresThis is an absurdist drama short film where miniatures and live set-building will be used. Actors will work together in a fast-paced, professional studio environment. The film will be submitted to festivals and competitions to be considered for awards, as well as being used for private distribution among the creators.About the Director: I am an award-winning filmmaker currently studying as a sophomore at NYU Tisch UGFTV. It is my goal to bring my vision, as well as my talents’, to the screen and let our voices be heard through artistic expressions. I aim to create a safe and productive working environment for my actors, and most importantly, to have fun in the art we all love! Instagram – @xkaifilm.” Casting 6 roles


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