Performing Arts Dancers & Choreographers: Casting for Eli Liberty’s next project to be released soon. Coordinators states: “Eli Liberty is an American, Blasian-Cuban Rhythm and Pop singer who was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Also looking for a dance captain to oversee all dancers. We are looking for individuals who are serious about their dance career and taking it further through elevation.Bio: Along with singing, he is also a songwriter, producer and choreographer. He is best known for his hit, ‘No Cuffin’ (2016) from his debut EP, Try Me – Part 1. Eli has trained with the Joffrey Ballet, traveled with one of the most prestigious high school choirs in the nation and now has garnered a following of 24 thousand on Instagram. Eli stands as an advocate against bullying, for the recognition of the importance of mental health and suicide prevention, an ally of the LGBT-community and also as a pioneer for black men who are more emotional and who may feel misunderstood. Eli has always said that music allows him to connect the dots of his past and present while shooting for his future. Eli feels music is one of his fundamental grounding elements that keeps him focused. He is heavily inspired by K-pop music. ‘I aspire to bring the intricate storytelling and invigorating live performances of Korean Pop culture to pop culture in America through my music.’ Along with this, he hopes that his music can help guide, save lives and inspire others just as music has always done for him. In 2019, Eli began his new series ‘He Cried Pink’ which details the retelling of his most recent relationship and journey to self-love. Eli released his single, ‘Lucky’ which took the underground music scene by storm. His follow-up 2020 single, ‘Just Fine’ capitalized on ‘Luckys’ success and spread the message that by maintaining Good Vibes all over, we will be Just Fine eventually and make it through. The song has been known to provide hope and inspiration for many people who have been going through tough situations. In February 2020 Eli’s Supporters began to call themselves the ‘#Moonbaes’ which also references Eli’s first project, “Cry For The Moon.” The release of ‘Just Fine’ stapled Eli into the independent music market as a reputable artist sparking the interest of the North-east region with a heavy push in the Philadelphia and Boston areas. On February 11, 2020 ‘Just Fine’ hit number 1 on Philadelphias Pop Smash Radio countdown with over 1,500 requests and votes. In June of 2020, Eli re-recorded and re-released his song ‘Black Boys’ from his 2018 Album ‘Cry For The Moon’ as ‘Black Child’ in honor of the many Black Lives that have been lost to police brutality as well as children who have been bullied and committed suicide, the LGBTQ+ community especially with the deaths of multiple Black Trans Women across the States as a message of hope for the future and expressing his feelings on the #BlackLivesMatter movement further stating that Black Trans Lives Matter and All Black Lives Matter. On June 23, 2020 Eli won 5 awards from the Pop Smash Radio Awards in Philadelphia, PA for the categories ‘Top Anthem,’ ‘Top Male Video,’ ‘Top Choreography,’ ‘Song Of The Year’ and ‘Video Of The Year’ for his single Just Fine. Eli accepted his awards thanking the entire team behind the making of ‘Just Fine,’ his manager and of course his beautiful #Moonbaes who support him so heavily. With these many blessings, Eli is looking forward to the next step of his career and hoping to make his #Moonbaes proud with all that he does.” Casting 2 roles


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