Other Digital Media Music Video: Casting “Snafu,” a music video for artist Cohort B, an experimental punk band from Queens, New York. Production states: “Their latest EP, ‘1001LUKEWARMUSA’ was reviewed by Anthony Fantano in 2022: ‘Every single song on this EP is a fucking banger’ and ‘Snafu’ will be featured on their debut album, dropping next year. The music video will follow a loose, highly stylized narrative about two characters, Zero and One, who are locked in a relationship that swings between private appeals and public betrayals. The visuals will be stop-motion-styled live-action, shot in black and white, in heightened surreal environments. The cast will need to be proficient and creative dancers who can express the narrative and the music through poses, movement, and presence on camera.Please refer to the attached pitch deck below to get a sense of visuals and narrative. Casting 3 roles


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