Film Student Film: Casting “The Cereal,” an MFA film student short (4-6 minutes). The film revolves around a scripted scene between a couple. Character 1 will tell Character 2 a fairly mundane – although not uninteresting – story about a lost delivery of 10 boxes of cereal from Walmart. Character 2 will appear to listen and respond with grunts and single-word interjections. However, in the form of VO, the audience will hear the random daydreaming and introspections of Character 2 (a kind of cross between Matt Damon in The Informant and Jessie Buckley in I’m Thinking of Ending Things). Production states: “Because I’m primarily a doc filmmaker (as well as a fan of unconventional narrative films), I want to include another element, and that’s the shooting of the film itself. The ‘reality’ that’s shown there will also be fiction. This film-within-a-film will be unscripted but, in collaboration with you, I’ll set up the scenarios. This will all be very loose. The good news about me being a doc person is that I know how to work quickly and efficiently. So I’m planning a four-hour shoot to get everything done. We’ll be shooting at an apartment in the East Village. As I’m a student, my budget is limited.” Casting 1 role


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