Film Short Film: Casting the male and female leads in “The Depths,” a short horror film. Production states: “The film has an estimated running time of 14 minutes. Please verify your availability for the shoot date and ability to self report on set on time.Synopsis:Noah, an associate history professor, has just discovered he’s been diagnosed with cancer, a fact he hasn’t shared with his girlfriend Chloe. Silently dealing with his grief, Noah is surprised when he receives a desiccated human skull in the mail from a fellow professor who spins a wild tale about Knights Templar and the Philosopher’s Stone, and an even wilder tale about the skull being a talisman to another dimension called The Depths. Fascinated with this tale and a hope it offers for a possible cure, Noah plays along with this talisman, and unexpectedly opens a portal to the unknown Depths, one Noah’s unsure how to close.This is a non-union paying project with a single day shoot schedule for the leads. Read the character descriptions for more details. Eleventh Hour Films is an independent production company that has provided short horror films to the VOD market for the past 13 years.” Casting 2 roles


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