Film Short Film: Casting “The Visit,” a short film. Synopsis: This story is about Kasey and her boyfriend Emmanuel. They live a good life, full of love and hoping to soon build a family. On a normal night they get a visit in the middle of the night from an old friend Nelson, but nelson doesnt seem like himself. Normally he is dressed nice, happy and full of life but now he is messy, creepy and pale. Kasey can see something is wrong but Emmanuel invites him in for a drink and a catch up. As they talk to their old friend, they can tell he is in to some scary demonic things. Kasey vacates to the kitchen and Emmanuel follows. She tells him that they need to get him out of the house now! They go into the front room to tell him to leave but he is nowhere to be found. After Emmanuel searches the house but cant find him, they find a horrific looking mask on the table. As a joke Emmanuel put it on, Kasey tells him take it off and throw it away for from the house. They then lock up the house and go bed, but Emmanuel wakes up in a deep sweat. He goes to get water from downstairs but finds the mask that he threw away back on the table. Confused he picks it up and hears voices telling to put it back on this leads him to do some crazy things that threaten him andhisKaseylife. Casting 3 roles


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