Theater Plays: Casting “The Woman who Gave Wings to Prayers,” a world premiere of a new, two-act play. Producer states: “Set in this time– and all times. Set in this place — and all places. The roles are… Archetypes (Was developed as ”Tell Me Why’, or The Woman Who Shot Prayer-Arrows to God.’} Some would say that this Woman, enduring a lifetime of not having her voice heard, is breaking every taboo to confront the Ultimate Patriarch– perhaps the ultimate predator. But that thought is too dark for words. Yet, those are the words she dares to say. To Him. A play that requires virtuoso performers in the leading roles of the Woman Searching; and, the more visceral Pagan Goddess (‘the Woman from the Well of God’s Mind’). Production to stream live, online in 2021. Then, post-Covid, onstage.” Casting 14 roles


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