User Generated Content (UGC) Other UGC: Looking for an actor/non-actor/UGC creator to recreate short scenes with their own creative flair and personality for a brand new TikTok and Instagram (the same scene can be used for both) digital workshop. Production states: “Talent will be helping in the creation of a groundbreaking digital theatrical project about teens and mental health while shaping a play in development about three NYC teens and magic. This is a project that is encouraging real teens and young adults to have their voices heard and be a part of this theatrical event. Your work here is, in many ways, to help them feel comfortable in sharing their own scenes and having their voice heard by sharing yours (i.e., if you are reading for the part of Cassandra, know, just like in all theater, there are infinite versions of “Cassandra” which doesn’t make anyone less special). While I have some teens and young adults so excited about this project and story, following along, wanting to read for the characters, I’ve discovered they are likely nervous to share (understandably), and need some “guiding lights” and encouragement by example, in how to do so. Your work here will be really important.” Casting 2 roles


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