More Projects Workshops + Classes: Seeking Singers and/or Actors to learn singing techniques, harmonizing, song interpretation, and applying acting techniques to singing. This class is perfect for singers who want to up their singing game, actors who want to sing, and actors who want to improve their diction and vocal agility (we will use monologues for this). The class is master class format with the first part of class doing group work and the second part one-on-one coaching in front of the class. There will be guest coaches from time to time from Broadway and TV.Note: Class meets on Sundays in North Hollywood from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. except for holidays. Class is small so everyone has time for individual coaching. Class will be recorded and made available on the website for members and for you to review or watch later if you have to miss class. Fee is $400 per month. If you register and pay on or before December 24, 2023, tuition is discounted 10% for the first month, January 2024.Company states: “Taught by David-Paul Norman FKA Paul Kolecki. David-Paul has worked as a professional singer in NYC singing alongside Broadway veterans and Met Opera members. He has been teaching and coaching since 2016 and his clients have received full scholarships for university, been on Broadway, and appeared on TV. David Paul is an absolutely fantastic coach to work with. I can hear an improvement and feel an increased sense of confidence within a mere 2 lessons under his tutelage. He is knowledgeable, funny, flexible, considerate, and thorough- the perfect mixture of professionalism within a relaxed learning environment. Each session is catered to the specificities of what I, as the student, need in order to progress to the next level, and he is able to improvise on the spot using a variety of methods to push past any barriers. Highly recommended” -Aria SWhat You’ll Gain from Class: Vocal Clarity: Sharpen your articulation and pronunciation, ensuring that every word resonates with clarity and impact; Range Expansion: Explore the full spectrum of your vocal range under David-Paul’s guidance, unlocking new depths and heights in your voice; Breath Control: Master the art of breath control to sustain longer phrases and maintain consistency in your delivery, whether singing or speaking; Stage Presence: Develop a commanding stage presence that leaves a lasting impression on your audience, making you a standout performer; Performance Techniques: Learn invaluable techniques to connect emotionally with your audience, turning every performance into a memorable experience. Casting 1 role


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