Events & Representation Workshops & Classes: Seeking actors for an opportunity to get a professionally produced voice-over reel and be coached prior to the recording session by casting director Barry Shapiro.Coordinator states: “The reel will be 45 seconds long and will consist of 3 fully produced 15 second spots that you will be able to choose for yourself ahead of time. You will record the spots in our brand new Voice-Over Booth at our NYC studio. Here is the equipment you will be using to record your reel: Whisper Room VO BoothSennheiser MKH 416-P48 Microphone and stand, Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd Generation Interface, PreSonus HP2 Headphones Mixer, Headphones Mixer Stand (On-Stage Music Accessory), Studio Headphones, Music Stand.Your VO Reel will be edited and fully produced in ProTools by a professional sound engineer. The VO spots will include all needed elements relevant to your spots including sound editing, sound design, score, music, and sound mixing. You will get an opportunity to prepare for your demo reel recording with a leading VO casting director in the industry – Barry Shapiro! Barry is Owner of Herman & Lipson Casting. He has been with Herman & Lipson for over 37 years, casting over 8000 commercials- both voiceover and on camera- for products such as L’Oreal, ESPN, Advil, Verizon, Toy R Us, and many more. He casts commercials all around the world, as well as film, television, and theatre.” Casting 1 role


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