Other Digital Media E-Learning Content: Seeking five experienced yoga instructors and voice-over artists to narrate yoga videos.The company states: “Mobile app with hundreds of yoga classes and programs. Similar to Yoga Glo/Alo Moves/etc. This is a unique voiceover project as we won’t be providing scripts for you to read. Instead, we’ll be giving you silent pre-recorded videos of yoga classes. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of the practice in order to accurately describe all the steps, poses, modifications, transitions, and other details. If you’re a yoga teacher, you’ll find this project a breeze as all the classes are for beginners (1-2 level).Technical requirements: good recording quality; calm voice; no extra sounds and noises; professional microphone or recording studio is preferable. We filmed around 150 hours (9000 minutes) of video content. And we are looking for five voice talents to record audio for it.” Casting 1 role


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